Recreation can take many different forms and shapes, and there’s an almost impossible number of ways for people to have fun in Mobile, Alabama. If you happen to be someone who finds themself enthralled by stories and information about those who have gone before us and the times they endured, Mobile’s rich historical tradition means you are in luck!

There’s a plethora of different options to be found around town, from several museums filled with fascinating artifacts and anecdotes to exploring real-life sites with major historic significance. Whichever way you prefer to learn about history and culture, there’s tremendous opportunity to experience some of the best museums in Mobile, Alabama.

USS Alabama Battleship

Doubling as both a restored battleship and a military museum, a visit aboard the USS Alabama is nothing short of an adventure. In addition to taking a tour around the retired battleship and learning about its history (which is interesting enough in of itself), there’s an impressive collection of aircraft, tanks, and submarines to admire. There’s also a whole range of cool activities, such as a flight simulator, to enjoy.


There are more than 90 interactive exhibits to explore, as well as simulators and theaters, spread throughout the GulfQuest facility grounds, which serves as the National Maritime Museum of the Gulf of Mexico. With a focus on Alabama and the entire Gulf Coast region, the traditions and history of the Gulf are on display at this fascinating museum.

Mobile Carnival Museum

Carnivals are a staple of Southern culture and have been for years. For Mobile, the city holds the prestigious recognition as being the first to observe Mardi Gras. The tradition’s rich history and its place in American society is the subject of interest at the Mobile Carnival Museum, which offers much of the same colorful fun and bewilderment in one location via a number of gallery rooms, a pictorial hallway, a theater, and a gift shop.

History Museum of Mobile

Housed in the Old City Hall, the History Museum of Mobile has a prominent place in this historical coastal city. There is an impressive amount of interesting traditions and heritage to be explored with a collection of more than 117,000 objects from around the world, including a signed baseball by Mobile legend Hank Aaron. Past exhibits include “Egyptian Mummies and Eternal Life,” “Married in Mobile: Four Centuries of Wedding Fashions,” “Ancient Rome: The Empire That Shaped the World,” and “The Art of War: Trench Art of WWII. 

Mobile Museum of Art

If history isn’t your forte, maybe a trip to the Mobile Museum of Art will pique your interest. Filled to the brim with a permanent collection of nearly 6,400 works of art from America, Asia, and Europe, walking the 95,000-square-foot building is a feast for the eyes and soul. Whether you like fine or contemporary art, you will find something that captivates your attention.