Apartments in Mobile, AL FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a washer/dryer in the apartments?
Yes, all apartment homes are furnished with full-size stackable Energy Star-rated machines. We also offer Energy Star-rated refrigerators.
Do all apartments have balconies?
Our 14th and 16th floors have accessible balconies that overlook the city.
Do you allow pets?
Yes, we love your fur babies! We will have the standard nonaggressive breed restrictions.
Do you have penthouses?
Yes, three apartment penthouses will be available on the 17th and 18th floors.
Will there be other retail businesses in the building?
Yes, it is our goal to offer retail space for small business owners.
Will there be a fitness center?
Yes, we will feature Fitness On Demand in a designated space.
Is parking available to residents?
We have a garage parking with both reserved and non-reserved options.
Is there a space available in the building for private entertaining/parties other than my apartment?
No, there are not.
Will you have smart home features?
Yes, we will offer IOTAS smart home hubs that will allow you to use a phone app to unlock your doors, adjust your home temperature, and provide the convenience of having your lights on when you come home.
Will there be controlled access to the building?
Yes, you will be able to use a guest pass through an app from your phone to allow access to your friends, family, deliveries, or pet sitters/walkers — all from the ease of your phone.