As the summer heat gives way to cooler temperatures and the leaves start to change, Downtown Mobile, Alabama, comes alive with many exciting fall events. Suited to everyone from art enthusiasts to foodies and beer connoisseurs, the fall events near Downtown Mobile, Alabama, are sure to leave you smiling! Here’s a sneak peek into some of the must-attend events this season:

Roll Mobile

The Roll Mobile is definitely the first on our list of fall activities near Downtown Mobile, AL. Get ready to roll into the weekend with an exhilarating roller-skating community every second Friday of each month in Bienville Square! The event welcomes skaters of all skill levels, making it a fantastic opportunity to connect with fellow skating enthusiasts. Dust off your old skates or seize the opportunity to buy a new pair! Just be sure to stay safe and always wear a helmet. If you’re too rusty to roll, you can bring a chair and watch the other in action.


For those who appreciate creativity and artistic expression, the ArtWalk is one of the best events near Downtown Mobile, Alabama, because it’s a feast for the eyes and soul. On select Fridays throughout the fall season, local artists and galleries spill onto the streets, showcasing an impressive array of paintings, sculptures, photography, and more. Stroll through the charming streets, interact with artists, and learn about their creative process. The ArtWalk is a chance to support local talent and maybe even take home a unique piece to adorn your living space.

Dauphin Street Beer Festival

Calling all beer enthusiasts! The Dauphin Street Beer Festival celebrates craft brews and good times. As the weather cools down, the energy heats up on Dauphin Street as breweries set up shop, offering a tempting selection of beers to sample. This festival is a chance to savor new flavors, meet fellow beer lovers, and enjoy live music in a lively and friendly atmosphere. With a diverse range of beers, connoisseurs and casual drinkers are in for a treat. Cheers to a memorable evening of laughter, camaraderie, and, of course, exceptional beer!

Mobile Latin Festival

Fourth on our list of fall events near Downtown Mobile, AL, is a vibrant Latin celebration. Immerse yourself in Latin America’s rich and passionate culture at the Mobile Latin Festival! This lively event features colorful performances, irresistible food, and a joyful celebration of music and dance. The rhythms will get your feet tapping and hips swaying from salsa to samba, bachata to reggaeton. Explore the diverse Latin American cultures through art, workshops, and performances, all while indulging in delicious traditional dishes. The Mobile Latin Festival is a cultural extravaganza that promises a sensory-rich experience for visitors of all ages.

2023 Grilled Cheese Meltdown

Over 20 teams are gearing up for a cheesy showdown to determine this annual culinary spectacle’s ultimate ‘Big Cheese’! The event isn’t merely about indulging in gooey goodness; it doubles as a fundraising initiative for the Urban Emporium, a retail incubator in Mobile. Brought to you by Mobile’s vibrant restaurant and business community, visitors can relish an array of cheesy delights and vote for their favorite. Picture a variety of vendors putting their unique twists on the classic grilled cheese sandwich. Savor each ooey-gooey bite! It’s a scrumptious showdown that will leave you craving more, and kids aged four and under can join the cheesy party for free. If you are a fan of grilled cheese, we highly recommend checking out the 2023 Grilled Cheese Meltdown this Fall!

Fall in Love With Downtown Mobile, AL This Fall!

Fall is a season of vibrant colors, exciting events, and unforgettable experiences. All these fall activities near Downtown Mobile, Alabama, are set to bring you fun, wonder, and pure joy. So, don your most colorful scarves, mark your calendars, and get ready to immerse yourself in the magic of fall in Downtown Mobile!