Nestled at the head of Mobile Bay and along the western shore of the lower peninsula of Alabama, Mobile is a stately city with beautiful old homes and buildings, excellent shopping areas, and a lively cultural center. There are plenty of attractions for every taste, and if you’re a foodie, the city also is well known for excellent seafood pulled fresh from the Gulf of Mexico.

Whether new to the city or just visiting, you will find the attractions in Mobile, Alabama, are worth exploring! From the Historic District and Mardi Gras roots to the beaches and shops along Mobile Bay, this Southern city is sure to capture your imagination and your heart.

USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park

Take a step back in time as you stroll through Mobile, home of the Battleship Memorial Park. The USS Alabama, also known as Mighty A, is a World War II-era battleship and one of the most famous attractions in the coastal city where you’ll find yourself on adventures when you explore this alluring spot situated on the Mobile River. Home to many famous aircraft and submarines, it is considered one of the best military museums in the world.

Fort Conde

Adventure awaits you in historic Fort Conde. In the heart of Fort Conde is an immersive, interactive exhibit where you can learn about the people who colonized early Mobile. See historic artifacts of Native Americans and Europeans who played large roles in the Port City’s evolution in a time shaped by innovation, conquest, plunder, piracy, and war.

Fort Conde is located on the eastern edge of downtown Mobile. It may look like a typical fort at first with some buildings and a view of the water and cityscape. However, wait till you see what’s inside! At Fort Conde, they’ve got candy cannons, a colonial-era photo gallery, and even living history reenactors to take you back to the 18th century!

Saenger Theatre

The Saenger Theatre is a beautiful concert venue located along Mobile’s trendy Dauphin Street downtown. It was built in 1927 as a movie palace with an exterior facade reminiscent of ancient Greek temples and a majestic domed roof. In 1982, the Saenger was converted into a performance space and has been hosting local and international musicians ever since.

A downtown Mobile landmark known for its architecture, the Saenger Theatre is one of the city’s most popular attractions. This landmark is home to more than 100 events per year, including more than 20 Broadway-style shows and nearly 70 national tours.

Dauphin Island

Dauphin Island is a small island that sits in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico and is part of Mobile County, Alabama. With nature’s bounty to offer, this island is a joyous place to visit with family or friends in the search of rejuvenation and relaxation. Here, you can expect to find beaches that stretch for miles with sandy dunes that provide a backdrop for wonderful sunsets and moments of serenity.

Mardi Gras Park

Mardi Gras Park is a picturesque, open-space recreation area located in downtown Mobile. The park is a welcome addition to the downtown scene, as well as the greater metropolitan area. Located where the old Mobile County Courthouse used to be, it’s one of the most unique parks built in recent years with public art and plenty of glittery icons to honor the first Mardi Gras celebration in the United States.